I'm delighted to have the chance to work with you! Whether you're interested in booking me for your family photos, engagement shoot, elopement, or wedding, please know that working me typically involves a bit of hiking, a bit of playing, and sometimes, a little bit of dirt and wind. But that's how all the magic happens: by letting go and letting our wondrous environment lead us to magical places to make gorgeous works of art together.

Let's do this
Photographs capture moments in time, whether they are moments during your wedding, a pregnancy, or a relaxing afternoon spent with your family. Having a photographer who knows how to pay attention to the tiniest details and capture moments as they naturally occur, is priceless. When you book me, you’re investing in a photographer who has a natural creative eye, one that can frame landscapes and people in such a way that tells a unique story – your own. Your story deserves to be told and you deserve a photographer who can create works of art that help tell that story.
This is where the investment comes in. I’m not just a photographer who shows up to do a job. I’m an artist, a story teller, and more importantly, I’m a human who likes to feel a connection with others on a more intimate level. I’ve been told that I can sometimes be a sensitive person and that may not always be a bad thing. I believe that it enables me to feel deeply for others and I photograph people as if they were close to my heart; I want their beauty – the natural, amazing beauty inside them – that I see in them, to be seen by others. You won’t be hiring a normal photographer when you hire me. You’ll be hiring a story teller who wants to show the world how wonderful you are.