June 9, 2017

Kiah & Brandon || Pecos Elopement

Kiah & Brandon. I met these two last summer at a Starbucks one evening to go over their Thursday wedding plans. After going through our initial small talk and introductions, I asked them about their guest list and how many hours of coverage they were thinking of needing. When they said they only desired a few hours’ worth of shooting and only their closest few friends and immediate family would be in attendance, I realized that they were planning to elope. I was thrilled. This was going to be my first elopement and a beautiful one to beat: in the middle of the Santa Fe National Forest north of Pecos, New Mexico. If you have never visited the Pecos area, please go visit. Now. Really. It’s dreamy, magical, and carries its own special charm. It’s one of my favorite places to visit and shoot at here in New Mexico, so when Kiah and Brandon were going to book me for their elopement, I knew it was going to be perfect in every way.

And it was. The two, along with their closest friends and family members, all met at Panchuela campground on the afternoon of August 18. We hiked in a half mile or so to an area near the river where an open field made space for their guests and pine trees created a canopy of love. The gents went off to the left while the ladies went off to the right to get ready. Kiah wore a wonderfully elegant gray lace dress with lavender in her hair and succulents in her bouquet. Brandon was dressed rather handsomely in his gray suit and dark blue tie. The two shared a most special first look experience, moments before their ceremony began. The way Brandon looked at Kiah was sincere, moving, and ever so loving. The two exchanged personal vows beneath the luscious pine trees while tears fell down their cheeks. Everything was peaceful. Everything was beautiful. Everything was perfect.

Thank you, Kiah & Brandon, for having me be a part of your beautiful elopement. It still stands as one of my favorite weddings and allowed me to see how simple and perfect a wedding day can be. I hope, one day, I can share something so wonderful with my future someone.